Ghana’s First Actors Expo Held Successfully Over The Weekend In Accra

We told you there was going to be an Actors Expo for the first time in Ghana on the 9th July, 2016 at the Trade Fair Center. And yes, the Actors Expo finally came off over the weekend at the La Trade Fair Center where about 800 people attended to  witness what the first actors expo was going to be like.

The event which was organised by the Actors College started at about 11 am with an opening prayer and a terrific dance performance. The show continued with speeches from the General Secretary of Film Producers Association Of Ghana (FIPAG) and also the president of FIPAG, Mr. Hackman Asare.

Mr. Hackman touched on the challenges facing the movie industry and the plans FIPAG has in place. He disclosed at the Actors Expo that, FIPAG was in consultation with the EU to shoot some films which tells the story of our past. He made mention of the movie “Prempeh” which will soon be shot as discussions on it and that of many others are in progress.

The CEO of The Actors College, the brain behind the Actors Expo, Mr Ruldolph Henaku Opoku-Addo also gave his speech and spoke about the problems in the movie industry. He also touched the hearts of the youth who have gathered there and eager to achieve something in life to dream big and challenge themselves to achieve their goals.

He also used the opportunity to talk about the Actors College, which is a school that trains people who want to go into acting,  producing, script writing, directing and editing. 

Audience at Ghana's First Actors Expo
Audience at Ghana’s First Actors Expo

Ghanaian actress Benedicta Gafah also graced the occasion on that day and she spoke about how she started as an actress and inspired the youth not to give up on their dreams. She also made some revelations on the challenges she had to go through and we would bring you that in a subsequent article.

The Actors Expo which is the first of it’s kind in Ghana was indeed successful and all those who attended would bear witness to this fact. See some photos from the even below. 

Waiting to ask their questions

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