Do You Like Someone But You Don’t Know? These 15 Signs Should Tell You


Don’t just count on the butterflies telling you if you like someone! Check out these unlikely signs to help you discern how to tell if you like someone.

You can probably tell pretty quickly when you like someone. You get butterflies around them, you constantly check your appearance, you make sure you smell nice, and you get all nervous in front of them. These are all pretty typical signs you have a crush. But what about the signs you dismiss for something else? Could your everyday actions toward someone really mean you like them more than you initially thought? Understanding how to tell if you like someone doesn’t need to be tricky!

The unlikely signs you’re missing that mean you like someone

I have fallen victim to the evil clutches of these little known signs meaning I like someone. Before I connected with my current boyfriend, I didn’t realize how long I even liked him! We were friends for a long time before and it took FOREVER *well, it felt like it at least* to tell.

How to tell if you like someone

Liking someone as more than a friend usually indicates a big emotional change in the way we act around them. However, sometimes you might like someone but those obvious signs are absent.

Maybe you’ve known them for a while, or even if your feelings aren’t as strong for them it’s still there. If you’re curious how to tell if you like someone in your life, these unlikely signs uncover your hidden—even from you—secret.

#1 You answer their texts/Snapchats before anyone else’s. Back when I was just friends with my current boyfriendI let his texts and snaps sit for a while if I was busy. It could be hours before I got to them. But when I started answering them right away, before responding to other texts I received earlier than his, I started realizing that something was up. If this is you, you probably like them.

#2 You take up new interests and aren’t sure why. If you find yourself picking up new hobbies, music interests, and more, and you’re not exactly sure why, they could be influenced by the person you like. If the person you like enjoys hockey, and you start watching more hockey games, it could be a sign you like them. 

#3 You find yourself defending their decisions. This big sign gets overlooked all the time. If you talk to someone who bashes on your friend and you stick up for them, even when you’d normally disagree. You like them and don’t want anyone thinking of them poorly.

#4 You mindlessly check your phone for seemingly no reason. Except the real reason, waiting for that special someone to send you a text. When you repeatedly check your phone and not sure why, you’re subconsciously waiting to see if you got a text from the person you probably like. 

#5 You notice their features more when you’re together. If you found yourself perplexed by the amount of freckles they have on their nose versus the rest of their body, you might be paying a bit more attention to their features than you realize.

By looking at them more intently, you’re basically memorizing their features so you have them stuck in your mind. This is something people do when they really like someone.

#6 You talk about them a lot in normal conversation. Sure, it’s pretty normal for a person to gush about their new love interest, but if you find that you bring up their stories and experiences when you’re talking to people in normal conversation, it means you like them.

#7 When watching a new show/movie/etc., you think about how they would like it.If you stumble across anything new and find that you immediately wonder if they would like it or not, it is a huge sign you like them. Thinking of their interests even when you’re busy with something reveals a lot about your feelings for them.

#8 You check their social media just to see their updates. You dismiss this as wanting to check up on their life which could be true. However, if you specifically seek out their social media page to check their updates, it could be a sign that you like them.

#9 Suddenly, you’re in a great mood when they text you. You can be in the worst mood in the entire world—a mood making Satan look like a saint—but the second you get a text from them, the bad mood fizzles out and you’re back to your happy self. This is a sign you’re into them.

#10 You’ve been talking to them on a daily basis. When you like someone as a friend, you don’t talk to them every single day. But if you fall into the habit of texting someone every day and talking to them even for a little while, it shows you want to hear from them every day. A definite sign you like them. 

#11 You spend more one on one time with them than before. Most friends tend to hang out in groups and not just one on one. That being said, if you find that the two of you hang out more regularly as just the two of you, and without other friends, it means you want their attention all for yourself.

#12 They seem funnier to you than anyone else. It’s been proven you tend to laugh and think someone is funny when you like them, even if they’re not actually that funny. If you find they’re a lot funnier than they were before, it’s probably because you like them. Not because they’ve been studying up on their jokes.

#13 You have a nickname for them that no one else calls them. Making unique nicknames for someone is what you do out of affection. You came up with the name as a joke. But you still use it and are the only one to use it, it might be because you like them.

#14 You seek out their opinion on something first. When you like someone, their opinion becomes more powerful than almost anyone else’s. So if you find yourself in a predicament and look to them for advice before going to your best friend or even parents, this is an unlikely sign you like them.

#15 You initiate everything first more often. When you’re the one waking up in the morning and texting them first, asking them to hang out first, and initiating relatively all of the contact, it’s a huge sign you like them. When you’re actively seeking out contact with someone, it’s because you value having them in your life. Meaning you want to make sure they stay in your life. This unlikely sign means you like them more than just a friend.

Sometimes it takes a long time to discover that you like someone. These unlikely signs on how to tell if you like someone can help you read the subtle hints, even if you aren’t showing the “typical” signs.


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