What If Michy Was The One Who Dumped Apaatse For This Reason?

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Some few days ago, Ghanaian rapper Apaatse mentioned in an interview on ETV that he once dated Shatta Wale’s wife, Diamond known popularly as Michy.

The ‘wedding day’ hitmater disclosed that they had to end the relationship because Michy was into hard core guys and he was too soft and calm for her.

I have developed so much interest in the story and that has informed my decision to write about this story and share with you guys what I also think about the whole thing and give you some gist as to what could have actually happened.

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Now you would recall Michy mentioned in her interview with Delay sometime ago, that she had sekz with Shatta Wale for the first time at the age of 17. She further revealed in that interview that, she had met Shatta Wale via Facebook and was chatting with him more often way back when she was in Norway. She stated that, she had sex with Shatta Wale the first time they met and the sex was so good that, she stayed for some weeks after when it was just supposed to be a fling.

Now let’s analyse the whole story and get to the root of what could have happened.

If Apaatse said he once dated Michy, then it means he started dating her perhaps at a time she was 16 or perhaps 17. Michy admitted in her interview with Delay that, she was a bad girl loading at the time and loved guys who were troublesome.

Could it be that, while dating Apaatse, she met Shatta Wale and after having a one night stand with Shatta Wale, she discovered she had been missing so much and decided to quit her relationship with Apaatse, hence spending some few weeks at Wale’s Nima resident back then, so she could get more of the banging sessions with the dancehall king.

Apaatse’s claim of having dating Michy in the past is quite murky considering the fact that, Michy got chopped down by Wale at age 17. At what age did Apaatse really start dating her and how long did their relationship even last? Could it also be that, Michy was already been chopped down by Wale before Apaatse met her? Could it be that, Michy was chopping both artistes at the same time and later decided to settle with Wale at a later age?

Interesting, Michy has reacted to Apaatse’s revelation from the past. She said that, she doesn’t know about liking hard-core guys and that what she knows she likes is a hardworking man like Shatta Wale. See a screenshot of the post below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 3.28.19 PM

Can I go ahead and break that down for the lay man?

Michy wants to tell Apaatse in coded language that, she didn’t dump him because he’s not hardcore but because he wasn’t hardworking in that department. ( I mean the area of bedmaticism)

So it’s obvious who dumped who or what actually led to the breakup because Shatta Wale wasn’t the Wale we know now back then. He wasn’t that rich or popular at the time and so his wealth and popularity was really out of the picture. His sole claim to winning Michy who was equally a bad girl at the time was giving her great great sekz. Period!

Just maybe, Apaatse shouldn’t have mentioned that he even once dated her at all. We all know Shatta Wale, he’s likely to give him a real reply soon in a tweet. 

The Raunchy Photos Were For Apaatse

This is the Picture of Michy causing people to talk

Yes, you’ve seen all of those raunchy photos of Michy flooding social media. Well, I am of the conviction that they were released just to tease Apaatse. Sort of to say “Hey Apaatse, you are missing all of this mehn! Guess who holds the boo*y now, Waleeee”


The photo of Apaatse and Michy

Apaatse shared an old photo of himself and Michy perhaps at the time they were dating. Looking at the photo, it raises a question about Michy’s real age! Does she look 17 then? She looks more like 21 then. Someone is not telling us their real age.


Apaatse has a New Video tho: Watch it below


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