MzVee’s Manager Richie Says They Ain’t Replying Kaakie Anymore Because She’s Not Even THERE Yet

We’ve witnessed some beefs in our music industry this year and it was not just among the men in the industry. The ladies also started their own beef and it’s been all good.

We all remember Kaakie did a diss song titled ‘Sankwas’ in which she took a swipe at BET nominee, MzVee. Well, Mzvee also replied her with a song she featured EL on titled ‘Make I Shine’.

Kaakie wasn’t happy about it and kept jabbing Mzvee on several platforms each time she granted interviews. She even described MzVee’s ‘Make I Shine’ diss track as a praise song and teased MzVee to release the Worship version of the song.

Interestingly, MzVee won’t be replying Kaakie anymore as her manager, Richie has disclosed in an interview with Joy News that they don’t see the need to reply any diss song about MzVee from Kaakie or whosoever again.

 According to him, Kaakie is not like Rihanna that they would waste their time and energy on.

“We can’t imagine wasting our time on another artiste. It’s not like Kaakie is high up there that we would focus our energy and studio time on. If she were to be at that level like Rihanna, we would have gone to the studio quick-quick to record a song for her. We would have even done that back-to-back.”

He continued, “Mzvee is not beefing with anybody. Let’s all enjoy the songs she’s about to release. We are concentrating our energy and time on getting hit songs and will no longer waste our time on any artiste. Even our industry is not up there to be wasting one’s talent beefing with another act.”

Richie at the end of the interview with Joy News thanked Kaakie for giving her artiste more and more publicity. According to him, MzVee is now in the news day in, day out kind courtesy Kaakie.


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