Saturday, June 6, 2020

50,000 Members From Obinim’s Church To Vote Against Mahama

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Obinim must be really influenctial!!

The Youth Ministry of the International God’s Way Church has issued a notice that the entire membership of the church would be voting against President John Mahama if Bishop Obinim is not immediately released from holding.

According to the release, the church has a voting strength of over 50,000 members.

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Bishop Obinim in handcuffs

“We want president Mahama and the government to know that, International God’s Way Church is a religious ministry hence we do not engage in politics. We found it disgraceful how the government has decided to score cheap political points and cover by lying and humiliating an ordained man of God in police custody,” a statement signed by the national president of the Youth Ministry of the church Solomon Adeyia said.

Police fire water cannons, pepper spray at Obinim’s supporters

It added: “The entire congregation of about 50,000 International God’s Way Church members shall vote against the government for tarnishing the name of God’s servant and international God’s Way Church. We are demanding an immediate release of our Bishop within 24 hours else we shall embark on a nationwide demonstration against the government.”

Tens of Obinim’s followers gather at Nima police station

Bishop Daniel Obinim, who is the founder and leader of the church was arrested on Tuesday, 23 August, following allegations made against him by a gold dealer of defrauding him under false pretence to a tune of GHC11.6 million.

Tens of Obinim’s followers gather at Nima police station

His followers had earlier kept vigil at the Nima Police Station – where he spent his first night in cells.

In the statement to the government, Mr. Adeyia said that the NDC government is intentionally humiliating their leader to gain “cheap political scores” and overshadow the Montie 3 release saga.

“We want to unveil the veil shrouding the matter, by empirically stating that what is going on is a well-planned concocted case by the NDC and the government to shift attention of the general public from the shameful release of the Montie three who were jailed for threatening the lives of judges. Many people in the country and internationally have described the decision of the president as a spit in the face of the judicial system of the country and an attempt to intimidate the judiciary,” the statement noted.
Source: yen.

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