98% of Ghanaian men can’t help a lady without wanting her body in return – Nurse 

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A Ghanaian nurse has leveled the accusation that Ghanaian guys are constantly interested in the bodies of the ladies they treat.

The nurse got up this morning to unleash a barrage of insults on Ghanaian guys through a series of tweets.

She went on to say that the very same men who condemn women for selling their bodies are the same guys who demand that women give them their bodies in exchange for assistance.

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According to Nurse Akua Coco, many Ghanaian women come from impoverished backgrounds and want assistance to begin their lives, but Nurse Akua Coco claims that Ghanaian men would only provide assistance if you are prepared to offer them your body in exchange.

She finished up her tweets by claiming that Ghanaian women aren’t lazy and that if men aren’t ready to assist them, then they shouldn’t have an issue with it when women exchange their bodies for money. This was her conclusion to her tweets.

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