“A Church With More Than A Thousand People Inside And Only Three Cars Outside Is A Sick Church”-Nigerian Pastor

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A Nigerian pastor known as Goodheart Val Aloysius has said that it is only sick churches that have more than a thousand people inside and only three cars outside.

Pastor Goodheart Val Aloysius, the founder and leader of a church based in Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria, the Canaan Land Deliverance International Ministry.

He is known for his constant opinions about church matters on the internet, some of his utterances many believe aren’t befitting of a man of God.

This will turn out to be another of those statements of his that will see people question if he is indeed working for Christ.

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Material things have become the bane in society and sometimes, people do not even go to places of worship just because they have nothing to show off and so people will often see them as low-class people.

This doesn’t auger well for the House of God where the focus is always about material things rather than salvation.

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The Nigerian pastor made these comments on Facebook saying a Church with more worshippers than cars is a failed one.

“A church with more than one thousand people inside and only 3 cars outside is a very sick church,” he wrote.

This and many other things that he normally writes on Facebook is the reason why some people do not take this Nigerian pastor seriously and they have always questioned his call to the service of the Lord.

Pastors have turned out to be their own enemies these days by virtue of some of the things that they say.

See his post below;

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