‘A Frustrated Kwaw Kese Dated An Old Woman To Survive, All His Awards Were By That Woman’- Tinny Reveals

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The beef between Tinny and Kwaw Kese has been intensified as the former took to Facebook to reveal damning secrets about his colleague rapper with whom he ‘graduated’ from the Last 2 music camp.

Kwaw Kese perhaps angered Tinny when he threatened to slap when they meet one-on-one after he called a wack rapper. He also accused the Ga rapper of living in his parents house despite his age with five kids.

In a very sharp response, Tinny has revealed how a frustrated Kwaw Kese married an old white woman just to survive and bought all his wards for to stay relevant.

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Read Tinny’s post from below.


Its funny to hear Kwaw kese saying he’s gonna slap me when we meet. Eeeeee sane eee! waaaa mmmm! I know he’s frustrated. I expect him to do his homework well and progress.
By chance he made some hits back then,but because he doesn’t have a career, greed led him into dating an old woman so he can survive; “buying of awards for him among others”….. can you imagine🤥🙆‍♀️🤦‍♂️ such a cheap boy!!!!
I simply shared my view that you’re a wack rapper, so prove me wrong by releasing hits or better still call for a challenge since we’re both rappers,that would have been better than him talking anyhow on radio. #PureJunkieboy
I over heard him say, “at my age I’m still living in my mother’s house with my kids” Yes!!! Its because my mother lived a good life so she has properties. I’m enjoying from my responsible parents hardwork.#RickyNaabadu✌🏽 Besides its not my style to be posting everything on social media…. “I have this and that”. I don’t do such, so I don’t blame him. Am not a social media millionaire! Empty barrels makes the most noise. He must come for lessons.
#RealThingWeDo #GodBless #BMF#RegularChampiom #KakaChiiii

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