A-List Actress Yvonne Nelson Reveals How Much She Spends On Petrol Daily Because Of Dumsor

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Yvonne Nelson has not just got the best legs in the industry but also has a proclivity for activism and it is in this light that she’s championing a great cause and needs to be commended.

Yvonne Nelson was hosted on Showbiz Xtra on Happy Fm by Doctor Cann, and she spoke about her #dumsormuststop campaign and other thing.

Indeed her Dumsormuststopcampaign has gone so viral and has got everyone talking.

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yvonne-nelson-birthday7The Actress on the Dr. Cann hosted show said she didn’t know Alhaji Haruna before the attacks and he hasn’t called to apologize to her.

“I don’t know him and he hasn’t called me to apologize. If a leader can say what he said then I’m very disappointed. If a leader can say this then it’s unbelievable.”

“What he said hasn’t gotten to me at all because I know what he said is not what I do. I am a citizen of Ghana and if something worries me I will speak about it.”

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“I have nothing to say to him but I’m disappointed a leader can say that. People around me can’t believe he said that and it shocked many of them.

When asked how the Dumsor situation was affecting her financially, she disclosed;

“Everyone in Ghana is suffering because of this Dumsor issue and I have a generator and a day I spend about GHC50 on fuel, if you multiply that by 30 days that’s GHC1500. That amount can pay my electricity bills for a whole year. Even if I pay 100 Ghana a month for the electricity. School kids, patients at hospitals, business are suffering and I know you in the studio to some extent is feeling the heat too.

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“I don’t see this as a tough time at all. I’m not really bothered about the comments. I’m the voice for the voiceless and I haven’t said anything bad. It’s something that’s happening. I didn’t mention any political party’s name. So if you feel offended by what I said then where is the democracy.

“I want to be that voice for the people so if any matter arises and I feel it’s worth speaking on, I will speak about it.

“I don’t have any advice for him, I’m sure where he has reached in his life he’s done well for himself and he should know what best for him.

Touching on her close buddy John Dumelo, Yvonne said;

“John Dumelo is like my brother, I love him dearly. John has a girlfriend. I don’t love him, I’m not even attracted to him. I’m very single and any man who works hard is my kind of man.”


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