A Lockdown, Although Painful Will Be Necessary – Titus Beyuo

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Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association(GMA), Titus Beyuo, has said that as painful as a lockdown maybe it serves important purposes in the fight against the Corona Virus pandemic.

Speaking on Joy FM, he explained about how the March 2020 served an important purpose by serving as a way to educate the public and also more importantly buy the government time to plan on coronavirus prevention intervention.
“We did understand from our first lockdown that the lockdown buys you time. There are advantages of lockdown. It buys you time to put certain things in place, to do more testing. If you don’t have the necessary things needed and you just lock the people down, then there are other consequences of that lockdown.”

“When that lockdown came, apart from restricting the movement of the virus, it brought people to become conscious of the presence of the virus in our environment.”

“We think that if these restrictions are there, apart from restricting the mass gathering which may serve as super-spreader events, they play an additional role of making people conscious of this virus in our environment,” he added.

As cases continue to rise, concerns that a lockdown could be imposed are also rising. The latest press release by GMA has called for restrictions to be placed on gathering.

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