A Lot Of Men Lack Emotional Intelligence And That’s Why Most Marriages Are Ending In Divorce – Lady Says

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Relationship in this current era has become more complicated that playing a game of chess with an amateur.

This is because most relationships which ends up in marriage doesn’t last after both couples realize they can’t live together under the same roof.

Well, a Twitter user by name Jane has stated that most men lack emotional intelligence hence the reason most marriages end in tears.

She explained that most men lack the ability to know when they are emotionally abusing their spouses and as a result they end up ruining their relationships.

According to Jane, most women are emotionally abused in their relationships and unfortunately for them, the men doing the abuse do not even see it as an abuse.

She wrote; Men don’t recognize emotional abuse, as actual abuse. Many of them will be proud not to have laid hands on a woman but their loophole is breaking women’s spirits and calling themselves Kings for being different.”

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