A Man Can Dump You For Just Loving Him Too Much, Protect Your Hearts – Lady Advises Her Fellow Women

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A lady has taken to microblogging platform, Twitter, to assert that a man can dump his girlfriend for loving him too much.

@Ugochifine shared this unpopular opinion on Wednesday, June 22, as she recounted how her ex-boyfriend broke up with her because she was doing “too much” in their relationship.

She went on to advise ladies not to go the extra mile for their boyfriends or play the role of a wife instead of the girlfriend that they are.

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However, she didn’t disclose the things she did for her ex-boyfriend that was considered as “doing too much”.

She wrote,

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After my ex boyfriend served me breakfast, I was surprised because I thought I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing as a great girlfriend but after sometime, I started seeing all the things I was doing wrong when I was with him.

“Ladies, sometimes, men dump you not because you are not loving him enough but because you are loving him too much! I realized I was playing the role of a wife instead of a girlfriend and that’s what got me dumped! If you are a girlfriend, you have no business playing the role of a wife. I was doing too much ”

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