A Man Slapped Me Just Because Of How I Look–Actor Sunsum Shares His Story With Delay

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Ghanaian actor Sunsum who is popular in Kumawood has said in an interview with Delay that he was slapped some years ago because of his looks.

Sunsum who is known as Yaw Adu in real life said, he was slapped by a man in his hometown after he begged for money from him. He told Delay that, the man looked at him with disgust and slapped him.

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Talking about how he had to struggle, he revealed that he had to sell ‘Polythene bag’  when he was a kid to be able to take care of his family as poverty was part of the family.

Sunsum disclosed despite going through all the abuse in his village in Brong-Ahafo, the man who slapped him because of his “Horrible” face called him some weeks ago, requesting that he (Sunsum) escorts him to a deceased mother’s funeral.

“There was a time that I begged for alms from a guy and he slapped me because of how I looked. It happened in my hometown. But some few weeks ago, he called me to ask me to escort him to his dead mother’s funeral,” the actor narrated.

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The Kumawood actor said that his childhood was characterized by discrimination and hatred by people due to his rather bulgy eyes, a look he claims he inherited from his mother and grandmother.

“Some people respected me. Others also disrespected me. They saw me as the son of a poor person. They spoke with much disgust when sending me on an errand. There was no respect,” Sunsum lamented.

Sumsum has starred in movies alongside Emelia Brobbey, Nana Ama McBrown, Agya Akoo Lil Win, Akrobeto and Bill Asamoah.

He has featured in movies like Bosom Ba, Handsome Paddies, Good Morning, Ogya Sunsum, Abr) Ne Bayie and many more. Sunsum who had received unpalatable comments at the early stages of his career because of his scaring face has now become one of the most expensive ones on the Akan language movie scenes.

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Watch the full video interview below:


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