‘A Man Who Beats His Wife Is Weak’-Bishop Charles Agyin Asare

Several men subject women to severe abuse and physical torture all over the world and this something they often do to demonstrate their dominance over the weaker sex; women.

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On this note, the Founder of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare has told men to desist from that behavior.

According to the famous man of God, beating a woman up physically shows how weak and cheap the man is, instead of showing their superiority.

He said:

“Your wife offends you, you can’t forgive her; ‘I’ll show her where power lies’. And some weak men, your wife misses her words, you slap her; you’re a weak man. Your strength is not in slapping your wife; if you slap your wife, you’re a weak man”

He further added that a man’s strength is not measured by his ruthlessness.

“You’re strong when your wife has insulted you and you look at her and you can put your hands in your pocket and say: ‘Look, you can say whatever you like but I still love you’. That is when you are strong. A strong man doesn’t beat the wife, so, stop being that cheap man; only cheap men beat their wives. Only cheap men.”

In a nutshell, he asked men to stop abusing their wives in all aspects.

He said:

“Your wife insulted you, so, you, too, you’re insulting your wife: ‘You are smelling’. A man, you’re insulting your wife that she’s smelling. Shame on you! I said what: ‘Shame on you!’ You don’t tell your wife that; you honour your wife, you respect her. She’s smelling and you want to make love to her.”

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