“A Person Being Single Doesn’t Always Mean They Are Lonely”-DJ Cuppy Opines

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There are a lot of very happy single fellas out there but the assumption out there is that people who are single or not in any relationship of note, are often lonely.

Loneliness is a feeling of distress where one feels uneasy and uncomfortable because they have no one around them to spice up their mood.

Such people in a state of loneliness, are so often laid back and wouldn’t associate with anyone probably because no one wants to associate with them.

For the Nigerian DJ and producer, DJ Cuppy, it is not quite the case or it is not entirely true when people assume that the single people are often lonely.

For her, just as being in a relationship does not guarantee happiness, it is the same way that being single does not mean that one is lonely.

She made her opinion on the matter heard in a tweet in the heat of the Valentine’s Day celebration where people showed love to each other on a day set aside for sharing of love.

“To be honest, single doesn’t always mean lonely and relationship doesn’t always mean happy,” DJ Cuppy wrote.

For people who do not have anyone to celebrate with because they are not in any relationship, Val’s Day is just one of those normal days for them but one can not conclude that they are unhappy and lonely as a result of their single status.

There are some who, for peace of mind, do not want to even commit to any relationship because they are just okay with their own company.

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