‘A Serious Boyfriend Will Cook For You When You Visit Him, Not The Other Way Round’- Woman Warns Daughter

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Now which mother will give this sort of advice if she really wants her daughter to attract suitors? A young lady identified as Alhaja Gold @Yommmms revealed that her mother warned never to cook for her boo nor tidy up his place whenever she visits him because according to her, any serious man would ensure his house is clean and there is cooked food to eat.

She wrote;

“Everytime I’m going over to see a boy, my mother warns me not to cook or clean in his house. ‘If he’s a serious person, he will make sure you’re coming into a clean house and there’s something for you to eat.’

Guys, what do you think about this, will you entertain such a woman in your life based on this advice her own mom gave her? We are waiting for your views.

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