A wack rapper is one who can’t flow on different beats- Edem states boldly

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Rapper Edem has adamantly asserted that a rapper cannot earn his respect if he is not adaptable and unable to demonstrate his talent across a variety of platforms.

Edem claimed that a rapper should be able to rhyme over many beats and that he had no respect for those who just use one sound.

The Volta Regime honcho appeared as a guest on Chrystal K Aryee’s Showbiz 360 where he responded to questions from the audience in the studio regarding a good rapper.

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“A good rapper should have content. A good rapper should have style and dexterity which means they should be able to rap on different beats,” he explained.

He went on to say that a rapper needs to have depth and expertise, especially in a field that rewards originality and creativity while encouraging artists to experiment with different beats and show their versatility.

“so for me, I don’t respect any rapper who raps on just one beat. That means you should have substance and dexterity and then you should be able to deliver on a lot of beats,”  he added

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According to Edem, Ghana shouldn’t be proud of recognizing only one rapper as the finest in the country because there are many others who are also very talented, and focusing on just one will simply diminish the industry’s achievements.

“I think that my voice is powerful, I wouldn’t want to say who the best rapper is, when we were coming up, we thought that was a big deal, it’s not a big deal. When we mention just one person as the best in Ghana we are not doing the country any credit, it means there are not enough people who are actually good in the country,” he explained.


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