A woman does not need sense or handwork, all you need is nyash- Tiktok lady says

A Nigerian lady on TikTok, known as @CrazyShock, has shared her thoughts on what women should prioritize besides intelligence and skills.

Her video, which was shared on X, quickly caught the attention of netizens.

In the video, she boldly claimed that sense and handiwork are not essential for women; instead, the most important thing for a lady is to have a voluptuous derriere.

Demonstrating her point, she confidently showcased her body and backside in the video.

The craze for big nyash among African women

African women are famous for their naturally beautiful curves, which make women from all corners of the globe green with envy.

Their stunningly voluptuous derrieres are a sight to behold, requiring no artificial enhancements to look breathtaking.

However, a recent phenomenon has emerged where women who don’t naturally possess a generous backside are turning to surgical and chemical methods to achieve it.

This trend has taken on a life of its own, fueled by the influence of social media and popular entertainment figures.

African women have wholeheartedly embraced the use of creams, pills, and surgery to enhance their buttocks, leaving many wondering who should be held accountable for this growing obsession.

It seems that having a curvaceous backside has become the ultimate standard of beauty for women in Africa, driving them to explore any means necessary to attain it. Yet, the risks associated with these procedures are significant, including life-threatening complications.


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