Aaren Simpson biography: Who is O. J. Simpson’s daughter?

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Who is Aaren Simpson?

Aaren Simpson was the youngest child of Orenthal James Simpson, better known as O. J. Simpson, a former American football player. She might not be as well-known as her famous father or her siblings.

That’s because Aaren was denied to the world before she could speak. The abrupt death of Aaren in August 1979 was met with shock. Even more significantly, it took place just five months after her parents’ divorce.

Aaren Simpson never had the chance to establish her own name, so to speak, and is only well-known because of her famous father. This article summarizes her life story, the reason for her passing, and other fascinating details about the sweet Daddy’s girl who is still sorely missed today.

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Aaren Simpson bio

On September 24, 1977, Aaren Lashone Simpson was born in California, USA, to Orenthal James Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley. O, her father J. Simpson is a former American football running back who is also an actor, spokesperson for an advertising company, and a broadcaster. In 1994, he was charged with killing his second wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman and was found guilty of the crime. Whitley, her mother, was a housekeeper.

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Aaren, the youngest of three children, was raised in California together with her two older siblings, Arnelle (born December 4, 1968), and Jason (born April 21, 1970). Aaren reportedly received the special attention and love appropriate for a last child.

She was a really busy and adventurous child when she was younger, trying everything her older siblings did. She wasn’t as fortunate on one of these times.

The information we do have about Aaren Simpson’s brief early life is limited, however it is known that she and her siblings enjoyed quite a privileged existence because to their father’s reputation and wealth. In addition, they must have frequently encountered the paparazzi and fans who gathered in front of their house to take pictures of the famous family. For the Simpsons, though, there was impending unrest. When Simpson, her father, wed Whitley on June 24, 1967, he was only 19 years old.

Due to frequent arguments between her parents until their final divorce in 1979, their home was not always quiet.

In 1985, Nicole Brown Simpson and Simpson were married. They both welcomed Sydney, their first child, in the same year. They had Justin, their second child, in 1988. However, Simpson’s flirting behavior and harsh behavior toward his wife soured things a little. Because of this, Nicole requested a divorce in 1992. She was later discovered dead outside her Los Angeles home on June 13, 1994, along with her friend Ron Goldman. Nicole had been stabbed seven times in the neck and scalp, leaving a 140 mm-long gash across her throat, according to an autopsy.

Later, Aaren Simpson’s father was accused of killing her but was cleared in court. He was apprehended in 2007 for kidnapping and armed robbery in Las Vegas, nevertheless, and received a reduced sentence of thirty-three years. Since then, in 2017, he has been released on parole. Aaren might never experience the agonizing stigma of having a father who has been convicted, unlike the rest of his children. Her life was brief and is now only remembered in figments. But how did she pass away?

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Aaren Simpson cause of death

The 26th of August 1979 was a fairly ordinary Sunday. For the Simpsons, it would be a dark Sunday, though. Aaren Simpson, a young child, slipped into the home pool a few days before to that Sunday. She was by herself at the time. They were able to revive her before paramedics arrived after administering CPR. The University of California (UCLA) Medical Center in Los Angeles is where Aaren was brought after being put on life support. Aaren, however, lingered in a coma for a couple more days before passing away from respiratory failure. Her passing became the cause of the family’s current turmoil. Aaren’s siblings still talk about her with strong feelings as adults. They will always miss their darling little sister.

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