Abby Choi religion: Is Abby Choi a Christian or Jewish?

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Abby Choi was a socialite and model from Hong Kong. She was reported missing on 21 February 2023 and three days later, she was found dead.

What happened to Abby Choi?

The model and socialite from Hong Kong was on February 21, 2023, reported missing. Three days later, her body was discovered. She was found murdered, with her headless body discovered in a village in Tai Po, a suburb of Hong Kong. Reportedly, some of her body parts were hidden inside a refrigerator and some of them were cooked.

Abby Choi age

She was 28 years old. She died on 21 February 2023

Abby Choi cause of death

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She was murdered and her body decapitated.

Abby Choi body found

Three days after going missing, on February 24, 2023, Abby Choi, 28, was found headless in a Tai Po hamlet in Hong Kong.

According to reports, some of her body parts were cooked while others were concealed inside a refrigerator. Therefore, the case was labelled as murder by the authorities.

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After failing to collect her daughter from school as usual, Choi was reported missing. She was last seen getting into the car and being driven by her hired driver, who also happens to be her ex-brother-in-law.

According to news releases from the police, the scene also contained an electric saw and a meat slicer.

Abby Choi children

She had four children.

Abby Choi religion

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The religion she practised is not known to us at the moment. However, keep reading this segment for an update as soon as we get first-hand information about her religion.


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