Abenah Serwaa Mankosa Finally Breaks Silence On Brouhaha With GES, Gives Full Details Of How She Was Brutalized By GES Authorities

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For the past one week, primary school teacher Abenah Serwaa Mankosa has been trending for feeding her pupils with free lunch from her own pocket money and donations from some benovolent people on Facebook.

Well, after she went viral for her kind acts, the Ghana Education Service went after her and sanctioned her for breaching the rules of the institute.

Speaking in an interview on Angel TV this morning 15th March 2021, Abenah Serwaa narrated how she was manhandled and treated with disdain by the authorities in the office.

According to Serwaa, ” I was scared and had no one to defend me. When I spoke I was told my English was bad and I even felt they should have sacked me rather than put me this such a horrible scrutiny. My headmaster was asked to take my phone and turn it off so that I wouldn’t be able to record what they said.”

“The District Education Officer spoke badly to me and almost beat me up because of how aggressive they became when I was fumbling to answer some of the questions they asked me. I was given a document that I wasn’t privy to in my three years of teaching as the code of Ethics of GES.” She narrated.

She went on saying: ” They treated me as if I was a common criminal and they threatened to arrest me if I was ever seen giving anything to any child. They also told me they were going to take me to a remote area where I wouldn’t be able to feed nor take care of any child again. My education director was not supportive and he alllowed them to mistreat me and disrespect me”.

When asked if she will ever stop what she was doing for the kids, Serwaa answered saying; ” I won’t stop cooking for kids but I want to be transferred from the district I am in because I wasn’t treated well. My headmaster was even applauded me for how I was making my kids happy. The GES had a problem with me just because I exposed their evil deeds. The school feeding program is no longer working and they were unhappy about the fact that my actions have made the whole world know they don’t feed the kids as the claimed to do.”

Meanwhile the Ghana Education Service is yet to respond to the allegations by Abenah Serwaa Mankosa.

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