Accra: Fine girl caught on CCTV stealing phone at office reception in Achimota

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A video has emerged that captures the moment a lady stole a phone that was being charged and resting comfortably on a front desk of an office in Achimota, Accra.

The thief scanned around to see if anybody was coming close to the office and having made sure the coast was clear, she sprang into action.

She swiftly moved closer to the desk and unplugged the phone after which she quickly switched it off and tossed it into her handbag.

After achieving her objective, she quickly made her way to exit and evaporated into thin air.

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In other news shared on, a woman has unashamedly revealed on TikTok that she is the proud mother of seven kids whom she had with seven different men from seven different countries.

While dancing and letting her followers get into her personality, the lady said she’s 36 and had her first child when she was just 14 years, thus her firstborn is 22 years old.

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Unbelievably, she said her goal is to have three more children with three men from different countries before she will ‘retires.’

Her revelation has intrigued a lot of people, as usual, netizens had the final say on the content she shared on the video-sharing platform.


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