Accra: Young driver narrates how three female passengers nearly choked him to death in an attempt to snatch his car  [Video]

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A young driver has given an account of how he nearly died and almost lost his car to car thieves who disguised themselves as passengers.

According to him, he picked up these three women as passengers on his usual rounds.

Suddenly, these women asked him to surrender his car keys, money and mobile phone. When he resisted, they tied his neck with wire in an attempt to paralyze him and ran away with the car.

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In his narration, the young driver said he recognized that they were Nigerians and tried as much as possible to protect his valuables; money and mobile phone. However, these ladies reached into his pocket and took his GH¢200.

According to him, these snatchers tried to get his car key but failed. It had to take the intervention of another car’s headlight to foil their plans. He stated that the ladies looked very unsuspecting so he never had the premonition that they were up to something funny.

“They were three Nigerian ladies who dressed like hook-up girls so I didn’t suspect that they were car snatchers or criminals. One of them tied my neck with a wire and the other reached out for the car key. I struggled with them as they tried to take my car from me. In fact, they wanted to kill me. I am lucky I survived” he narrated

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The prevalence of car snatching and petty crime has been on the rise which has created a sense of fear and insecurity amongst citizens living in crime-prone areas. Many have raised concerns about serial killings, murders, robbery and other related crimes that are usually carried out in broad daylight. They have appealed to the police to up their game in order to restore some level of sanity in the country.

The young driver spoke at length in the videos below:

Car thief arrested after failing to drive away an SUV he snatched on the spot [Video]

Car thieves arrested after failing to drive away an SUV they snatched [Video]
Car thieves arrested after failing to drive away an SUV they snatched [Video]
A car snatcher was arrested barely minutes after snatching an SUV and failing to move it.

A video gives an account of how the operation was carried out in broad daylight on the unsuspecting driver.

Moments after getting hold of the car after pulling a gun on the owner, the car failed to move. Interestingly, the snatchers could not find a way to drive the car away.

Several attempts to move the car failed and this resulted in their arrest. Probably, they were not acquainted with how to drive an SUV because it was a bigger car than the one they were using for the operation.


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