Activist Bisi Alimi exposes a straight man who pretended to be gay just to get a laptop

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A straight man who pretended to be gay in order to obtain a laptop has offended Nigerian LGBT activist Bisi Alimi, who posted about it on his Instagram page.

Bisi claims that the purportedly straight man even sent naked pictures to support his claims of being gay. He posted;

“Some Nigerian straight men are cheaper than a pack of biscuits. You spent months playing lover boy with a gy guy just cause you wanted to get a laptop off him……. And if a girl does the same, you will be making 1million and one post on social media c#rsing women. This guy man was even sending n#des, sending n#des just cause he want computer for sx.”

The post attached a plethora of reactions from fans some of them doubted if the man was actually a straight man as they thought no heterosexual will go to that extent to get a laptop from a gay man.

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See below for some of the reactions;

King Otega said, “No straight guy even in this life will pretend to be g*y just cos of laptop. He’s bis”*xual simple.”

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Seundreams said, “okay sir bisi oGAYdengbe, did u give him the laptop or not?🎤”

Rukkya said, “Those girls that go to expensive restaurants to find a rich man, it will shock you that most of the men there are also there looking for Rich men. who no like better thing?”

Chocolate secret said, “that guy is not straight, simple.”

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Predajuicy said, “Na men cheap pass😂😂😂.”

Akwuago said, “He is gay, he just doesn’t like you or is still sitting on the fence. No straight person can tolerate such conversations.”

Iloveezinne said, “Na because of shame make some men no dey stand for road in the night. Left for them they go do pass women😂.”

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