Actor Michael Nader: Who Was He? Cause of Death, Daughter

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Actor Michael Nader was a famous actor who died in 2013 after a long career entertaining people with his well-executed roles in movies and TV shows. His daughter, a child he left behind, has taken the mantle from him and is doing very well. What was the cause of Michael’s death?

In this article, you are going to learn about who actor Michael Nader was and how long his career spanned.

If you do not know anything about him but you have heard about his acting exploits, this article gives you the opportunity to learn about who he was.

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Where did he come from, who were his parents, where did he go to school, and what was life like when he was growing up as a child? Learn about all of these in this article.

You will also learn about what his cause of death was, and more.

Actor Michael Nader Biography

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Nader was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 19, 1945.

He had German and Yugoslav origins.

Actor George Nader was his uncle.

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Life was a bit difficult for him from the start as his parents separated a short time after his birth.

When he was six years old, he was hit by a drunk driver, leaving him with a visible scar on his face.

He graduated from Palisades Charter High School in 1963.

To pursue a career in entertainment, Nader moved to Los Angeles with his mother Minette.

Actor Michael Nader was known for his acting talent.

He has appeared in several movies since making his debut in 1963.

Actor Michael Nader acting career

Michael Nader cause of death

His career ended upon his death in 2013, by which time he had spent fifty years playing several roles in several movies and television shows.

How did it all begin?

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In 1963, Nader made his acting debut as “Mike Nader” in a few Beach Party films produced by American International Pictures.

Later, he appeared in the TV series Gidget as the recurring character Siddo and had a minor role in the 1968 film Blue.

Nader’s first soap opera role was Kevin Thompson, who appeared in As the World Turns from 1975 through 1978.

Actor Michael Nader played Nazi officer Burckhardt in the 1988 television film The Great Escape II: The Untold Story.

In the same year, he costarred with Nick Scalfone in the television film Lady Mobster.

In the 1990 television movie Lucky Chances, he played Enzio Bonnatti.

What was Michael Nader cause of death? He was one of America’s most renowned actors before his passing in 2013.

Cause of Death

It is always painful to lose a loved one, much more so when his death was not a result of a natural cause.

So, what caused actor Micheal Nader death?

Was his death a result of a natural cause or he was killed by someone who was negligent in their role in saving his life?

Let’s find out.

Ten days after receiving his cancer diagnosis, Michael Nader passed away from an allegedly incurable strain of the disease.

Nader, an actor, passed away at home on August 23, 2021, when he was 76 years old.

Drug use was a concern for Nader before he passed away.

In 1984, he admitted to having had past drug and alcohol problems, which had contributed to his recovery in 1980.

After being accused of drunk driving in 1997, actor Michael Nader was detained in 2001 for attempting to sell cocaine to a police officer working undercover.

Michael Nader was married and had a daughter named Lindsay Michelle Nader.

Who is her daughter?

Actor Michael Nader daughter is Lindsay Michelle Nader, an actress.

In Los Angeles, California, United States, Lindsay Michelle Nader, the daughter of actor Michael Nader, was born.

She now holds American citizenship as a result.

There is no information available on the siblings or academic history of Lindsay Michelle Nader.

We have been unsuccessful in our attempts to determine whether she has siblings as of the time this article was written, therefore we are unable to comment on the subject.

Her mother, from whom her father got divorced, was Robin Weiss.

Before his death, actor Michael Nader was married to Jodi Lister.


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