Actor Salinko Narrates How A Producer Killed His Career

Kumawood actor, Salinko has recounted how a popular movie producer who doubles as a marketer, Karimodey Ventures killed his career.

Speaking with Emelia Brobbey on the “Okukuseku” show, the actor revealed how he helped the movie producer to become known and successful in the movie industry but turned out the man wanted to reward him with evil.

Salinko disclosed that he had already become very popular when the producer approached him and told him that he needed Salinko to help him in the industry.

He said he made a lot of sacrifices such as shunning other producers to work for the movie producer when they were in Accra.

The actor divulged that he was even the backbone of Karimodey ventures when they started until things began to change.

“I was learning a lot from my acting on Barber and the Shoeshine until one producer came in. He goes by the name Karemodey the CEO of Karemodey Ventures. He was a marketer as well. When Karomodey started his producing works, I was his backbone. We started in Accra but when he wanted to add Kumasi to the job, I helped him in all the ways you could think of”, he said.

Recounting how things began to change, he revealed that even though he was shunning other producers to help the Chief Executive Officer of Karimodey Venteres, there was a time when he had a deal that had a good offer so he decided to sneak and go, and do it.

Per Salinko’s narration, he came back from that set only to find out that Karimodey had found out and was angry with him.

He stated that gradually the movie producer told him that he was not going to work with him again for the reason that he went and shot on another set.

“There were days that I ran away from a movie set just to go and shoot movies for this producer. There was a movie we were both shooting and I got a gig somewhere so I dodged his and went to the other movie set. I got back and this producer said he wasn’t going to work with me again because I went to shoot for another producer”, he said.

Following their separation, Salinko said that Karimodey started backbiting him as he convinced other producers not to work with him.

Doubling as a marketer, Karimodey, according to Salinko killed his career.

According to him, anytime movies he was featured in were sent to Karimodey for marketing, he either told them he would not sell them or they should remove his part before he markets.

He added that for 7 years, he was very popular but he was not getting movie roles to play, which made him to render an apology to Karimodey Ventures but nothing was changed.

“This producer started blacklisting me and during that time, he was very popular so when the movies are sent to him for marketing and production and he sees I am included, he either ignores it or tells them to remove my part from the story. For seven years, no producer was willing to work with me. I was Salinko in the system but I wasn’t acting like I planned to. I confronted this producer and he told me he had killed me, meaning he had taken me out of the system so I should apologize to him. I did that but saw no changes”, he said.

Getting roles in the movie industry again, Salinko said “After shooting Barber and the Shoeshine, I came up with a new series titled Bantama Kwesi Boakye series with the late Kofi B. Three years later, Fada Dickson asked me to bring my series to be broadcast on UTV and that was how I regained my popularity in the entertainment industry”.

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