Actor Umar Krupp flaunts his ‘black beauty’ girlfriend for the first time at movie premier, Watch

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Fresh-faced Ghanaian actor Umar Krupp has flaunted his girlfriend for the first time and fans have passed their verdict on her already.

Umar during the premiere of the new Ghanaian horror movie titled ‘That Night’ directed by Eddie Nartey, appeared with his girlfriend and they posed for the camera in various angles.

Beyond that, netizens passed comments about Umar’s behaviour as he chewed a piece of gum in a manner they deemed inappropriate. See a few of the comments followed by the video below;

That Night is a horror that follows a group of college friends going on a holiday trip. 

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Kukua the newest to join the group of friends touches a strange ornament in a shrine and becomes possessed. They now must find a way to escape the fury of their possessed friend or possibly lose their lives.

The movie stars Anthony Woode, Jessica Larny, Esi Hammond, Pina Baafi, Theresa Duatey, Adams Mensah and Umar Krupp and Eddie himself.

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Watch the trailer of the movie below;


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