Actors-Turn-Producers Killing Movie Industry – Mimi Andani

Ghana’s movie industry which used to be vibrant has suddenly taken a nosedive. Many factors have been attributed to this but Ms Mimi Andani, Director of the Golden Movie Awards Africa (GMAA), thinks the blame should be placed at the doorstep of ‘actors-turned-producers’ for the falling standards in the Ghanaian movie industry.

In interview with Joy News’ Doreen Avio at the launch of the 2017 edition of the Golden Movie Awards Africa (GMAA), Mimi explained that young actors/actresses have taken to production because production houses have stopped producing.

“The reason why people say its [industry is] suffering is because of the independent productions. Production houses have stopped producing because, actresses have the money and they can just pick a camera and shoot so it’s like if I don’t produce, then I don’t act because the production house who are supposed to be employing the actors, are not producing because, actors and actresses are competing with them,” the Former Big Brother Africa representative said.

“Now this is the defence of the actresses, they are also saying that, they get to a point in their lives and they want to be a production house. For example, YN Productions, even though the figure is Yvonne Nelson, it says YN Productions meaning, it’s a production house so what do you do with a situation like that?” she added.

“Now this is my solution or what I think should be done; inasmuch as you are an actress with a production house, I’ll urge you to look for professionals. You’re an actress and not a professional in production. Get professionals and don’t be mediocre.”

The hitmaker explained that, most actors and actresses fail at producing because of lack of experience.

“If an actress has a production house and doesn’t get a professional to lead, you first didn’t introduce yourself to us as that, we know you as an actress so it gives people a different impression. You might be qualified but because you didn’t present yourself like that with all your skills, the general public only sees you as an actress and so when there’s a switch, people might feel they do not know what they are about,” she concluded.

 Mimi definitely hit the nail right on the head. Yvonne Okoro is a recent interview also blamed lack of sponsorship for the decline. We just hope all stakeholders will come on board and help salvage the situation.