Actress, Selly Galley Joins The List Of Celebs To Criticize Salma Mumin, Says You Don’t Celebrate When Your Neighbor’s House Is On Fire

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It’s obvious that the entertainment industry folks are not happy about the move Salma Mumin made to let her former friend, Moesha Boduong look bad.

The two haven’t been on good terms for some time now hence Salma Mumin has decided to pick up on Moesha and revenge despite her situation of not being mentally stable.

Many people including their colleague movie makers have jumped in to blast Salma Mumin for not at least thinking about the friendship they’ve had but decided to leak audio to make her seem a bad person.

Well, actress Selly Galley has also dished out a cryptic message without targeting but analysis points it straight to Salma Mumin as it follows the leaked audio.

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She has waded into the saga after Salma leaked the audio to a blogger after she had a conversation with Moesha Boduong’s personal assistant.

According to Selly Galley in her recent post on Instagram, she stated that one does not knock someone who has already fallen noting that it might be you one day.

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She emphasized that you don’t make fun of people when they’re in trouble stating that one doesn’t rejoice when his or her neighbor’s house is on fire but rather helps quench the fire so it doesn’t get to yours.

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