Actress Vicky Zugah Dated Plenty Stars & Was Beaten By Most of Them. Check Out The List (+ Photos)

Domestic abuse is an issue that is heavily frowned upon and that is the reason Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah, won lots of sympathies when she revealed last week that, she was abused by most of the men she dated.


Vicky Zugah
Vicky Zugah – Abuser!


In a startling revelation, the actress mentioned the likes of Bolt, former Big Brother Africa housemate and fellow actor, Leo Mensah, as some of the men who did abuse her during her time with them.


With Bolt


In a rebuttal, Leo Mensah, also known as ‘Ntoatoahene’ rebuffed the accusation as a ‘woman-beater’ claiming that, Vicky Zugah is a pathological liar. The actor also went on to reveal a list of the men Vicky has dated and also disclosed which of guys did beat her – in a conversation with Amanda Jissih and Prince Tsegah on Hitz 103.9FM.


With DJ Cash


“Any man who stays with Vicky Zugah for 6 months deserves a medal,” he said. He also questioned the motive of the actress for mentioning his name as a ‘woman-beater’.

“She should not use my name for her publicity stunt, as she always loves the media attention.” Leo, however, stated that he did hit Vicky with a pillow during an altercation, which got the actress bruised on her hand.


Leo Mensah


“We had a little argument and I did hit her with a pillow and I apologize for my actions.” He went on the reveal quite a long list of male celebrities the actress has dated and named those who did pummel her.


Leo Mensah
Leo Mensah


He mentioned the likes of Chase, Abortion (Coded 4X4), Chemphe, DJ Cash and Bolt as the ‘woman-beaters’. Leo also accused Vicky of being extremely abusive in the relationship, questioning her on why she’s dated several men but ends up as the abused.


Check out the tall list of men actress Vicky Zugah has suffered from their hands!


Eddie Nartey
Eddie Nartey (Actor/Director) – Non-beater


Chemphe (Musician) – Beater
Chase (Musician) – Beater


DJ Cash
DJ Cash (Event promoter) – Beater


Bolt (BBA)
Bolt (Big Brother Africa Contestant) – Beater


PY Addo Boateng
PY Addo Boateng (TV/Event host) – Non-beater


Chemphe (Musician) – Beater


Portion of text culled from EntertainmentGH