Adlon Sisters: Meet Gideon, Odessa & Rocky

Gideon Adlon, Odessa Zion Segall Adlon and Valentine Rocky Adlon from the Adlon lineage are famously known as the Adlon sisters; how much do you know about them?

In this article, we shall discuss who the Adlon sisters are and just why they have become so popular.

Also, we shall talk about their famous parents who they are making so proud with their own accomplishments.

What really is it about these siblings that everyone is talking about them?

In this article, you are going to hear more about them.

Who are Adlon sisters parents?

Let’s discuss the people that brought them into the world and then look at who they are and what they are doing to make their parents proud.

Adlon Sisters Parents

Gideon Adlon
Gideon Adlon

The Adlon sisters parents are proud people now knowing that their children are doing well for themselves and making them proud.

Adlon sisters parents are actress Pamela Adlon and director Felix O. Adlon.


An American actress, director, producer, and screenwriter with the name of Pamela Fionna Adlon is their mother.

She earned a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance as Bobby Hill in the animated comedy series King of the Hill.


Felix O. Adlon, a screenwriter, is their father.

Felix’s relationship with his ex-wife has not been the only reason for his notoriety.

As a gifted producer and writer, he has also made a reputation for himself in the entertainment industry.

On June 26, 1967, Felix Oktavian Adlon was born into a family with strong ties to the entertainment business.

His mother, Eleonore Adlon, is also a screenwriter, and his father, Percy Adlon, is a director, screenwriter, and producer.

The Adlons sisters were born into and entertainment family as their mother, father and grandparents were all entertainers; it is not surprising that they have also had careers in entertainment.

Adlon Sisters: Meet Gideon, Odessa & Rocky

Adlon Sisters

Gideon Adlon, Odessa Zion Segall Adlon and Valentine Rocky Adlon from the Adlon lineage are famously known as the Adlon sisters.

We shall take you on a journey to uncovering who the talented girls are.

Gideon Adlon

Perhaps the most famous of the Adlon sisters is Gideon Adlon.

So who is she?

Actress Gideon Adlon was born in the United States on March 30, 1997.

She is most recognized for her leading performances in the drama The Mustang (2019), the horror movie The Craft: Legacy (2020), and the comedy Blockers from 2018.

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Adlon also appeared in the drama series The Society on Netflix (2019).

In the video game The Walking Dead: The Final Season, she played the role of Violet (2018).

Odessa Zion Segall Adlon

Odessa is also an actress.

Also known as Odessa A’zion, she is an American actress who was born on June 17, 2000.

She is well-known for her starring roles in the Netflix series Grand Army and the CBS series Fam, respectively.

She is one of the Adlon sisters that has chosen acting and entertainment over other careers.

A’zion was cast as Liv in season 5 of Nashville, which was her first major role.

Her parts in the movies include those in Ladyworld (2018) and Let’s Scare Julie (2019).

Adlon Sisters: Valentine Rocky Adlon

Rocky Adlon

Valentine Rocky Adlon is the other member of the famous sisters born to Pamela Adlon and Felix O Adlon.

She was born on February 11, 2003.

She comes across as the youngest with Gideon Adlon being the oldest having been born in 1997, followed by Odessa Adlon who was born in 2000.

Unlike her two sisters who are very popular because of their acting career, she is popular for being one of the famous Adlon sisters.

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