Adu Safowaa Reveals The Alters In Moesha’s Family Wants To Kill Her As They Did To Her Mother

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Internet sensation, Adu Safowaa has added her voice to the current state of Moesha Boduong as it’s been reported that she’s mentally unstable.

The actress has been trending for some weeks now after it surfaced on the internet that she attempted suicide after revealing that she’s a born again.

A leaked audio conversation between her former friend, Salma Mumin, and Moesha’s PA known as Nelson has surfaced online which has since triggered several reactions on the gram.

Adu Safowaa is the latest person to add her voice to the issue noting that the evil alters in Moesha’s family are behind her predicaments.

She indicated that those alters were responsible for the actress’s mother’s death when Moesha was a young girl adding it’s the same alters that have had an agreement with the Nigerian Senator who has made her mad.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote, “Every family has an Alter that fight the family and generations. Moesha lost her mum @ an early age and as of now, that alter that took her mother’s life has come in agreement with the Evil Baba Nigerian Business Mogul. Let me End here . Please all should help in prayer and most importantly, I desire to offer help to Moe. “I know true Men & Women of God that can break this attack through the power of GOD. Pls if any has Moesha’s bro No, kindly send it to me on WhatsApp #0244026006 or my dm…. Or tag him to read…. It getting deeper… BUT THE NAME I trust JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth conquers all boundaries from beginning to END. Thank you JESUS CHRIST. ”.

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