Adu Safowaah explains herself when she said Tracey Boakye’s man can knack roff

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A few days ago Adu Safowaa turned the internet upside down when she said Tracey Boakye’s husband is a sex machine who once knacked the hell out of Tracey’s friend called B.

Adu who has gained a reputation as a nonsense celeb who descends to the stinkiest gutter with anyone who steps on her tail, took to Twitter to make the damning revelation about Frank Badu Ntimoah.

In the controversial post that attracted condemnation from Tracey’s fans and allies, Adu said the only thing the groom knows is to have sex and he once dated Tracey’s bestie.

In this new development, Adu tried to justify herself when she sat down with her blogger and on-air personality Sammy flex who she referred to as her godfather throughout the exclusive interview.

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A full version of the video will be shared soon in furtherance of this report.


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