Adu Sarpeah Writes: How On Earth Must Hall Week Turn Into ‘War Week’ Celebration?

Nelson Madiba Mandela once opined that ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart’. It’s in the light of the above quote, I shall ride on in respect to the choice of my words. They say, education is the tool you can use to change the world, but those who get the opportunity to be enrolled in the various tertiary institutions in Ghana do not yearn to cause any positive change in their world. Their priority lies in unnecessary drama whilst on campus.


They equate the celebration of hall weeks to World Cup finals fighting for supremacy. Truly, we have a long way to go as a nation as long as our future leaders continue to show up irresponsible and archaic behaviors. The sad aspect is the caliber or education status of the people under discussion.


University of Cape Coast West Gate
University of Cape Coast West Gate


How can we progress as a nation when our citizens in tertiary institutions continue to put up irritating attitudes in the name of hall week celebrations. How on earth must celebration of hall week turn into war week celebrations?


Fast forward, March 17, 2017 hall week celebration at the University of Cape Coast which was intended to unify students turned into a day of blood and sand celebration.


Atlantic Hall Week Logo
Atlantic Hall Week Logo

It all happened when students from the Commonwealth Hall (Vandal) and Unity Hall (Continental) from the University of Ghana, Legon (UG) and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) respectively who came to join Atlantic Hall of UCC to celebrate their 55th Hall week celebration clashed with Haller’s from Oguaa Hall. As a result of the clash, UCC student is reportedly paralysed after he was stabbed while trying to enter his hall from night studies.


Gone are the days when tertiary students were highly respected and giving first seat when councils in our societies meet. Time do change! These days, it’s difficult to differentiate between those who’ve acquired tertiary education and those who’re not!


Simply put, apart from the ‘A4‘ sheet certificates, there’s nothing to show off in terms of their behavior and attitude. If the very people who’ll one day rise up and take leadership positions in the country are messing things up while under training, no wonder the country is paralyzed!


I doubt if the the parents of the people who were involved in the riots were advised in the house to come to university to acquire hall week honours, plaques or certificates. 


Victim as a result of the disturbances
Victim as a result of the disturbances


Already, the physical structures in UCC or preferably in the various halls are not in good shape. Therefore, to cause breakages to structures as a result of a mere hall week celebrations, I wonder the number of years it’ll take to replace them.


Because, Ghanaians attitude to maintenance culture in terms of government properties have never been the best. The sad thing is that, as a result of the uncouth attitude of the selected few, the masses will be made to suffer. I’m convinced beyond doubt that a bill will be levied on all the hallers of ATL and Oguaa as a result what happened meanwhile the majority are innocent.


Therefore, it’s high time the various university vice chancellors put up stringent measures in place to halt the celebration of hall weeks because it’s not the basic idea of establishing the various citadels. The recent one is not the first and it’ll not be the last if the right measures are not put in place.


Sanctions and withdrawal or rustication of culprits pertaining to hall week disturbances have not been the best. It’s quite unfortunate that we’re living in a country where bad acts are only talked about for few days, then sleeping dogs are made to lie! I’m hoping that this recent incident will be a wake-up call to all the stakeholders concerned.


Below are pitures of properties being destroyed as a result of the disturbances:


Adu Sarpeah (Publicist


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