Thursday, November 26, 2020

Adu Sarpeah Writes: ‘Even On Judgement Day People May Walk Off Comparably To GHOne Live TV Interview (In The Voice of Tic Tac)’

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Ghanaian musician Tic Tac walked off a live TV interview on GhOne on Friday, December 8, 2017 after they showed a video of Shatta Wale while he was being interviewed. Tic Tac who sounded disappointed at the fact that the channel showed a video of Shatta Wale instead aired his frustration and walked off the set.


The actions of Tic Tac as already mentioned has been the genesis of all the trolls across the various social medias by entertainment addicts. But then, the opinions expressed by arguably the majority is that what Tic Tac did was barbaric and uncouth, therefore, he must apologise. Nonetheless, the few discerning ones are of the view that the ‘struggling’ artiste did the needful thing including his arch-rival, Shatta Wale.

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Following keenly the diverse opinions expressed by number of industry players, one could see clearly that each and everyone is saying something out of emotions especially those who disagree with Tic Tac. Logically, both parties are right in their own thinking but the actions of the hostess, Baisiwa Dowuona-Hammond, makes Tic Tac far more right. Why apologise to the viewers only neglecting the artiste? Meanwhile, she contributed to the discomfort nature of the artiste.


Abraham Lincoln once rhetorted that, ‘I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong’. Truly, Ghanaian artistes have been down for too long and it’s time the status quo must be changed and broken. If the interviewer, Baisiwa Dowuona-Hammond, wanted to know more about Shatta Wale, she should have invited both parties to debate accordingly. Forgetting the lame excuse that the interview under consideration was free PR. The fact that you’ve booked an artiste for an interview, he or she must be respected no matter what. It’s not appropriate to divert the main reason why he or she was called and discuss other matters!


The fact that GhOne provided the platform for Tic Tac doesn’t mean he should stood so low to be manipulated! This is what Ghana’s controversial artiste, Shatta Wale has been propagating from the onset of his career. Tic Tac owes no one an apology! As Tic Tac needs GhOne, so as GhOne needs the product of Tic Tac (musicians) for survival. When an artiste booked for an interview – being radio or television, the content of the discussion should be geared towards the promotion of the interviewee. Let us respect our artistes no matter their current status in our music industry and shouldn’t suppress them just because the media ride on the notion that they give hype to artistes.


It’ll interest you to know that if Tic Tac were to be a foreign artiste, GHOne TV wouldn’t have done that to him or her. Our Ghanaian musicians deserve better treatment. Tic Tac’s brand should be respected. Like he posted today, you can’t call CEO of MTN ghana and be promoting vodafone Ghana stuff. The same logic can be applied in analysing the case of Tic Tac. Don’t say the issue took place on live television because on the judgement day, similar thing can happen.


Watch below the moment Tic Tac walks off GHOne TV live interview.


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