Adu Sarpeah Writes: “You May Question The Character of Shatta Wale But When it Comes to Talent, ‘Forgetti’.”

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., known in the various Ghanaian households as Shatta Wale is the man you’ll love to hate as far as our music industry is concerned. Indeed, his fans are damn right to have give him the accolade, dancehall king!


Critics will continue to label him as ‘Local Champion’, but truth be told, your favorite artiste dance to Shatta Wale’s tunes in his bedroom. Therefore, this write-up will put forth five reasons why you may question Wale’s character but in terms of his talent in music, ‘forgetti’ as the caption implies.


1. He’s Lyrically ‘Intoxicated’:


Well, don’t be deceived by the usage of intoxicated, but the analogy I want to create here is he never fall short of composing songs. On records, Shatta Wale released 107 tracks in the year 2016 including major hits.


We’re in the middle of 2017, yet he has recorded almost 25 songs including features and still stands as the artiste with the major hit songs. Namely; Ayoo, Taken Over, Forgetti


2. He Has Defied All Odds:


The rebirth of Bandana to Shatta Wale and how he’s making name for himself is beyond human comprehension. The so called industry experts said a lot concerning why he can’t make it to the top.


Thus, right after 2013 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards till today, Shatta Wale seems to have picking up a fight with virtually everybody who doesn’t side with him. Raging from Charterhouse Ghana, MUSIGA, GHAMRO, Entertainment Bloggers and Critics, et al. Upon all these stumbling blocks, he has proven all critics wrong.


3. Shatta Wale See Music as Business Venture not Hobby:


Ghanaian musicians have been down for too long because they’ve refused to voice their grievances. They’re dying slowly deep inside because of fear of hatred. Our artistes do say, event houses continue to underrate and cheat them during bookings for performance.


However, this cheat isn’t applicable to Shatta Wale because he doesn’t compromise when it comes to standing for his right and monetary issues. According to him, making all the name without money isn’t the best. Shatta Wale refused to die in poverty.


4. He Doesn’t Play Jokes with his Music Career:


Majority of our Ghanaian artistes are lazy who are only hopping to get one-time hit song and fade away from the system.


Our artistes with exception of Shatta will wait till the last quarter of the year and release songs hoping it’ll trend so they get nomination into VGMAs. This can’t be said about Shatta Wale because he virtually sleeps in the studio.


5. The Three Militants Signees:


Most A-list artiste try their best to groom or better still sign some up and coming artistes to their brand to show continuity as success without succession is termed to be a failure. Sarkodie for instance has Akwaboah and Strongman as part of his SarkCess Musi label.


Similarly, Shatta Wale not too long ago signed three acts he loves to call them, ‘The Militants‘. Namely, Captan, Addi Self and Joint 77. These guys are amazing anytime they collaborate with Shatta on a song taking into consideration tracks like Taking Over and ‘Forgetti’ which is currently the street anthem. I’m only hopping Shatta do not write their verses for them.


Stream to watch Shatta Wale’s new joint featuring all his militants below: 




It’s an undeniable fact that most Ghanaians do not feel comfortable taking into consideration the controversial nature of Shatta Wale. Aside his assertiveness, most people think he’s proud which comes with all the derogatory names they can associate with his brand.


‘However, it gets to a point in time when man has nothing to say but the truth. Personally, I’m not a fan of Shatta Wale, but he’s talented in his chosen career and I’ve no choice than to applaud or better still appreciate him and his works with this write-up’.


By: Adu Sarpeah( Publicist @


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