Adu Sarpeah Writes: “Sarkodie Is A Habitual Liar & That Will Cause His Downfall”

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16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln once recorded in his speech that, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. Therefore, I shall ride on this assertion to put forth my argument.


Permit me as I will be plain in this blog because addressing matters of reality cannot be personalized. Michael Owusu Addo better known as Sarkodie is undoubtedly the most successful Ghanaian rapper of all time – annexing major awards across the continent and getting the most recognition too barely ten years in the lucrative music industry.

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Prio to the release of his fifth studio album dubbed, “Highest“, news from the rapper’s camp indicated that Sarkodie and his Sarkcess Music label have inked a deal with international record , Sony Music UK, for the distribution of the album in the United Kingdom. Sony Music UK, a subsidiary of Sony Music, is a highly recognized international music company worldwide.

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However, while many industry players and music lovers, especially the fans of the artist in question were happy because of the development, others were not too convinced, considering the fact that, details of the so-called distribution deal were scanty and history of Sarkodie and ‘failed’ international connections between the years served as a constant reminder.


On records, somewhere 2010, Sarkodie and his entire management deceived Ghanaians especially his fans about his deal with Akon’s Konvict Music. Sarkodie and his management (DuncWills) at the time strategically used the tag of a Konvict-recording artist for several years until the boss himself (Akon) came to Ghana (October, 2013) to rubbish Sarkodie’s perpetuated lies and deceit over the years.



Moving on from the Konvict illusion, there was another cheap deception by Sarkodie and his association with Jay Z-Roc Nation. In the year 2015, Briant ‘Bee-High’ Biggs, an executive with Jay-Z Roc Nation mentioned Sarkodie as one of a few African artists the label was looking at having a working relationship with. Fast forward, news spread fast and wide that, Sarkodie was going to sign to Roc Nation. Sadly, as to when Sarkodie will officially be unveiled by Roc Nation as their signed artist or better still associate remains a mystery.


Now, let’s go back to where I started. The highly anticipated album, “Highest” is out and the so called Sony distribution deal brouhaha is surprisingly over. It’ll interest you to know that there’s no official sony website or whatsoever containing Sarkodie’s “Highest” snippet. All the investigations I’ve made pertaining to Sarkodie – Sony Music UK distribution deal proves it was all hoax to sell the ‘Highest’ album.


Both the past and present deceptive international record/label signings by Sarkodie will surely account for his doom someday as I’ve already cited Abraham Lincoln that: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. Sarkodie and his management should know that Ghanaians are not kids especially his fans as some are very ‘critical’ to play dice with their conscience!


The brand he has created for himself over the years is enough to sell his album than to rely on cheap consistent lies to keep hopes higher. If he’s to continue with this chronic hoax behavior, he’ll live to regret as no critical minded fan of his craft will take him serious henceforth. The reality is that, Sarkodie and his management cannot tell Ghanaians they don’t know anything regarding how and why the ‘fake’ Sony deal as well as the past failed record signings popped up in the system. These cheap publicity stunt from an artist of Sarkodie’s calibre should STOP now.



Adu Sarpeah (

Ghana’s Investigative Entertainment Journalist



Watch Sarkodie & Konvict Music deal brouhaha below:


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