Afia Pokuaa reacts to Ayisha Modi exposing Afia Schwar with GHC2000 MOMO transaction

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Media personality, Afia Pokuaa has called for a ceasefire in the Ayisha Modi and Afia Schwarz’s beef which is gradually becoming dirty as the days go by.

For the past few days, the camps of Ayisha Modi and Afia Schwarzenegger have been boiling after Ayisha Modi took to social media to step on the toes of the people close to Moesha.

She first accused Gabby Ibe, Moesha’s pastor whom she alleged has coaxed the actress into selling her properties to his church after repentance. She took the fight to model Victoria Michaels for having a hand in Moesha’s predicament.

She later turned to Afia Schwar and threatened to pose her should she dare to open her mouth about Moesha’s issue.

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This didn’t sit well with Afia who didn’t take her words lightly and replied in equal measure.

Ayisha who sees Afia as a beggar exposed her, sharing a screenshot of GHC2,000 MoMo she sent to Afia via mobile money perhaps to tell the world that she once fed Afia Schwarzenegger and her family.

In her post to expose Afia Schwar, celebrity friends took to her Instagram page to share their views and Afia Pokuaa who isn’t comfortable with what is happening called for calm.

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She pleaded with Ayisha to put a stop to what she’s doing; “Isha, I beg you in the name of Allah, stop this. I beg you paaaaaa please🤲🤲🤲 please please”


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