Afia Schwarznegger Demands $100,000 From Pinamang Cosmetics For Damaging Her Skin & Brand (FULL GIST)

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Afia Schwarzenegger is planning on suing Pinamang cosmetics for $100,000 over reasons that their cosmetic products have caused some damage to her skin. has sighted a letter from the lawyers of Afia in which Afia Schwarzenegger plans to sue the owner of the popular cosmetic brand Pinamang cosmetics, a brand that she used to be an ambassador for.

Weeks ago, the owner of  Pinamang Cosmetics was caught in a scandalous situation, where private chats of her mocking celebrities like Medical, Nana Ama McBrown leaked online, denting the image of her brand.

In the many chat leaks, it was revealed that Medical begged her to become a brand ambassador, Nana Ama Mcbrown also begged her to be named one of the ambassadors.

She had also terminated her contract with Afia Schwarznegger over issues that, her dark spots on her elbows and knuckles suggested that, her products cause bleaching and that could affect her brand image.

Well, Afia Schwarz is blaming her products for causing those dark spots and wrongfully terminating her contract with her, and is demanding for $100,000 in damages.

Portions of the letter read:

“ As you are aware, our Client upon using your products, started experiencing certain damaging effects on her skin, especially to her elbows and knuckles. After our client reported the outcome to you, you met her up in London and gave her another range of products to use, ostensibly to repair the damage. The damage however persisted after the use of the products.

“Our instructions go to the effect that on or about 7th September, 2020, you informed our client that due to the complaints on the condition of her knuckles, a condition caused by your products, she cannot continue as a brand ambassador for your products because it paints a negative picture of your products.”

“We therefore hold the instructions of our client to demand from you , WHICH WE HEREBY DO, that you pay to our client the sum of USD 100,000 as compensation for the damage caused to our client’s person and her brand by your product and also the use of your products.

“Additionally, our client requires an unqualified  public apology for your conduct, which should be circulated on all social media platforms and be given the same prominence as the voice note of our client circulated”

We would be keeping our eyes on the ground to see how Pinamang cosmetic reacts to this

Would she pay the money or face Afia in court? Well, keep it locked on always because we would bring you all the updates as and when it happens.

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