Afia Schwarznegger Is One Big BUSH Woman & Avram Grant Will Sue Her Ass Soon!

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It appears Afia Schwarznegger has a proclivity for attacking people for noo tangible reason and each time she does that, she exhibits how much of an ILLITERATE she is. She is a disgrace to womanhood and it is by the grace of Delay that she too has become known to Ghanaians.

Afia has posted something on her Facebook page and funny enough she finds nothing wrong with it. My heart boiled with rage when I came across her post. She in her post on her own Facebook Page called Avram Grant a “BASTARD” just because he failed to lead the Black Stars to victory.

She has attributed the loss of the Black Stars in Yesterday’s Final at the Afcon 2015 to Avram Grant being a “BASTARD”  who also failed to win the cup for Chelsea in 2008.

See Her Post Below: 
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For a person who some people regard as a public figure, she should be mindful of everything she puts out on Social Media. Infact, Afia Schwa has proven to be a BUSH woman for calling the coach of the Black Stars team that. 

What even annoys me most is her being bold  enough to mention God in her post. In that same post, she wrote “God brought them that far just to mock us”

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She’s being Blasphemous for saying that, in that, you call your fellow human being a “BASTARD” and then you go ahead and publicly declare that God wanted to mock us, that is why He brought us that far only for us to stare at victory. Did God reveal Himself in her dreams to tell her, He wanted to Mock Us??

What sort of nonsense is this? And yet some people support her and praise her for saying that. Has she checked herself to see if she is clean before judging others? Does she think God is  like humans that she can ridicule and make a joke of?

For me, if she really wanted to cristicise Avram Grant, calling him a “BASTARD” is not the way to  go. She could have chosen to call him “incompetent” but to call him a Bastard is very harsh and totally uncalled for.

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If Avram Grant should see this, I Would advise He sues her for defamation because she is in no way closer to the status of Avram Grant. Has she forgotten so soon, why Shatta Wale was sued for defamation of character? If you have a child or you have a woman like Afia as a role model, I can only wish you well- MAKA MAKA!


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