Afia Schwarz’s Husband Has Been ‘Banging’ Their Maid & So She Leaked The Information That Afia Was Banging Another Man-Listen Now

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If there’s a tag such as ‘The Fakest Celerbrity’, then I am certain, Afia Schwarzenegger would certainly be crowned the winner. Damn, She’s sooo FAKE than even a Chinese phone.

New rumours we gather from the people defending her is that, her husband has been banging her own maid in the house and sleeps around with other girls, spending on them with her own money because according to Afia herself, the man does not work and never puts a dime on the table.

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We are still surprised as to why Afia didn’t put it on Social media that, she had been sponsoring her husband all along and that for that reason, she’s tired and doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore especially when the man uses her money to chase other young girls.

How on earth do you take a loan to wed a man? What the heck do you expect?

So most people have been wondering how the husband got to know, that Afia was bonking another man, and went in to record them and we’ve learned she was having a relationship with their maid, so the maid gave him that gist. Listen to the audio of Afia’s husband talking to the maid

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