Afia wants me dead after all the help I gave her- Delays breaks down on live radio as she details how the beef started 12-yrs ago, says she can’t continue the beef anymore (Watch)

Deloris Frimpong Manso has finally revealed the genesis of her age-long beef with Afia Schwarzenegger which she claims started 12years ago.

The animosity was reignited by Afia recently who went on the offensive and hit Delay where it hurt the most.

Afia used her bareness to mock her in a distasteful post shared a few days ago that attracted wild condemnation from some quarters.

For the benefit of the beef lovers, here’s what Afia said;

I don’t hate on a barren at 47, I PRAY for them . Nature is already dealing with you anaa u can’t see,sorry your life is delayed!!!WAWE P)T))….Abrabo mu F9.

At your age No Child,No man to call your own and Menopause has set in so I understand your frustration…

By the way I’m busy paying university fees n tomorrow is P.T.A meeting..( you can’t say this about yourself).

The nxt rime you want to run your mouth look for your mates aka your fellow barrens.. Mothers are very busy people.

When you meet responsible Mothers like me ask how much a Montessori fees cost n see how Useless you are as a woman to society… Enjoying my hotel in Cannes…Help me tell your boss oh sorry my Ex.

Ps: if you don’t want to hear certain things dnt go looking for a mad woman’s trouble, I won’t call you Mother of twins.

Delay equally shot back as captured in two separate publications shared on

However, from the looks of things, it seems she has been overpowered by Afia as our lenses captured in this new video shared below.

While on hosting duties on her new job at Wontumi Radio, Delay broke down in tears while initially acting all brave and narrating what transpired between her and Afia.

She was overwhelmed with emotions and let it all out in tears, saying she is tired of the back forth with Afia and can’t do it any longer. Watch the video as shared by @Sweetsonia on Instagram.


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