African Tourism Board partners The Taste Of Afrika to host ‘Cultural Oneness Festival’ in the North

The African Tourism Board (ATB) has collaborated with The Taste Of Afrika to stage its first major cultural event in Tamale, Ghana’s Northern Region, to coincide with the Christmas season.

The next big event, entitled “Cultural Oneness Festival,” is designed to honour and highlight Ghana’s varied tribes’ rich traditions.

The festival’s purpose is to promote cultural awareness and solidarity, as well as distinctive customs, arts, and music, particularly in the country’s north, which is sometimes overlooked when it comes to such high-level events.

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The festival, which is expected to provide another option for the many visitors from the diaspora who plan to visit the country for the Yuletide festivities, is expected to contribute to fostering mutual understanding and consolidating the country’s unity, as well as developing and growing the tourism industry and attracting investment to that side of the country.

The Cultural Oneness Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that transfers the overconcentration of events in the country’s south to capitalize on the potential of the country’s north.

Cultural Oneness Festival
Cultural Oneness Festival

A letter jointly signed by the Executive President of the African Toursim Board, Dr Cuthbert Ncube, and the Secretary General of the board, Hiwotie A. Assefa, to confirm the partnership, said; “We recognise the significance of this cultural event and the potential it holds in highlighting the diverse cultural heritage of the African continent.

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We are excited to collaborate with you in showcasing the richness and uniqueness of African local cultures, promoting cultural awareness and unity, and attracting tourists and investments to the region.”

It stated that as a strategic partner, the board was committed to supporting and promoting the festival to ensure its success, adding that “we will actively participate in promoting the festival through our various communication channels, including our websites, social media platforms, and members group platforms.”

Again, the board stated that it was willing to consider collaborative marketing strategies and cooperative promotional campaigns in order to maximize the event’s reach and effect.

Tengol K. Kplemani and Martin Glin, Co-founders of Cultural Oneness Festival
Tengol K. Kplemani and Martin Glin, Co-founders of Cultural Oneness Festival


Tengol K. Kplemani, Chief Executive Officer of The Taste Of Afrika, hailed the cooperation as exciting and aimed at giving northern tourism a distinct flavour.

“To us, our vision for this project is aimed among other things at projecting the continent’s diverse cultural heritage and identity and connecting its roots to the diaspora and the rest of the world.

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“We are happy that, the vision of making the north of Ghana and Africa as a whole, a tourist hub is fast piecing up together.

This collaboration with the African Tourism Board will be extremely beneficial in highlighting the beauty and importance of African tourist destinations for the African people, diaspora, and the rest of the world to experience these destinations and capitalize on opportunities for our collective development.”


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