will this African print trend stand the test of time?

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Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway…everyone who loves fashion will never flop

in what is trending in fashion…check out our beautiful Naa Ashorkor in her printed pencil skirt..wow! this is flawless..everything is on point….i love that skirt.. years ago we were all over the foreign designed dresses ,shoes…accessories..images-60PicsArt_1401620788762

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Time has told it all..the fashion clock has ticked to the african print possition on the clock i call ‘what is trending’..

but looking at africans especially Ghanaians these day,

we are rocking our african prints in style.we are back to the good old days .

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African print shoes,bags,dresses,hair bands,hair clips,bangles and even undies have also had their share of the african print trend.

initially it was all african print flying all over africa and some parts ,of europe..

Here in Ghana, every print has a name

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our fashion designers are now mixing the foreign materials with our locally made ones .giving it an international touch…






Hurray! I forsee Africa saying bye bye to “obronie wae wu”…lol pardon my twi…bend down boutique shall soon pass by..its a gradual process.

African print has become so trendy that our most famous beyonce rocks in them ..and she looks fabulous in it though..

for me i think it is very good ..because we are projecting african values.and the best thing we can do as africans is to make it stay in our fashion trend…we just cant make this fade into the thing air..


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