Africans Are The Most Racist Yet We Expect Whites To Treat Us Better – Salma Mumin Speaks On Xenophobic Attack ( +Screenshot)

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In the past few days, social media has been flooded with images and videos of South Africans attacking Nigerians and Zambians for allegedly taking over their businesses.

The gory images has gotten social media in a frenzy mood with most celebrities coming out to voice out their displeasure of the horrendous acts.

One of such celebrities is actress and Entrepreneur Salma Mumin.
According to Salma Mumin, she has tried very hard to avoid watching the videos and images circulating on social media depicting blacks killing blacks. She was utterly dismayed by what she saw and took to her Instagram page to voice out her displeasure.

She questioned why we kill ourselves and expect white people to treat us better.

Salma Mumin further on stated that, Whites look out for themselves and protect their citizens. She bemoaned that the American Government protect their citizens jealously and this is because they are each others keeper.

She added that we are all Africans and instead of killing each other we should join forces to develop the African continent.

Read the rest of her post below;



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