After Becoming Famous, Don Little Has Become Rude And Disrespectful – Kumawood Actor Sumsum Accuses(+Video)

It is believed that popularity makes people become arrogant all because they’ve attained a certain level in life and appear on TV screens. While this may be true for most of our Ghanaian celebrities, others who have attained higher heights in life still remain humble.

In light of this  Kumawood actor, known as “sumsum” has revealed how arrogant his fellow Kumawood actor Don Little has become.

Speaking in a recent interview with Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’, Sunsum said his colleague has allowed fame to eat into his mind and he doesn’t respect anymore.

He recounted how he took Don Little as his junior brother when he began his acting career.

According to Sumsum,  his painful experience with Don little was  after he (Don Little) vowed to never work with him again after the latter jokingly threatened to beat him up.

Susum explained that  they normally joke when they are on location so he was not serious about the statement of beating Don Little but the latter took it serious.

Sunsum added that it will be difficult to secure a contract for Don Little if he doesn’t change his attitude for them to reconcile.

He also revealed how he became a mediator between Don Little and his girlfriend when they had issues in their relationship.

Watch the full interview below;

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