After Being With 500 Black Men, I Now Want To Marry A White Man And Have White Babies – Slay Queen Discloses (+Audio)

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Ghanaian Slay Queen Abena Sika Ghanaba has revealed that  she wants to  Marry a white man at all cost.

It can be recalled that Abena Sika in a recent interview with Kwaku Manu revealed that she has slept with over 700 men including celebrities .This revelation caused a stir on social media.

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In a recent interview with Kwasi Aboagye on Peace FM, Abena Sika was asked when she started having sex and she replied that she started when she was only 14 years.

According to Abena Sika, she wanted to break her virginity at age 24 but circumstances did not allow her. She revealed that her headmaster was the first person she had sex with and she has since then increased the number to 500.

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This revelation shocked Ola Michael who was one of the panalist on the show and he asked her how she managed to keep records of all the men she slept with.

Abena Sika said ” I have a book where I keep the details of all the men I’ve slept with.”
Kwasi Aboagye who was not convinced by her revelation quizzed her why she told Kwaku Manu recently that she had slept with 700 men and is now contradicting herself by saying she slept with 500 men?

Abena Sika who was obviously out of answers replied that she can’t recollect the number of men she slept with.

This statement made Kwasi Aboagye and the panalists believe that she was lying and all she said earlier was just for attention. She was further asked if she was ever going to get married she replied that she wants to marry a white man and have white babies.

” I want to marry a white man at all cost because I want to have white babies.” She revealed.

Ola Michael asked her if she would consider herself a prostitute considering the number of men she has slept with.

” I am not a prostitute, all the men I slept with I had a relationship with them so I can’t be a prostitute. ” she reiterated.

Listen to the rest of the Interview below;


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