After making love with women, we use their private part to prepare our charms for money- Sakawa boys confess, Watch

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Two young men who engage in cyber fraud (known in Ghana and Nigeria as sakawa and yahoo respectively) have been arrested by some members of the hunters association of Nigeria in Imo State.

The two suspects, Ebuka and Chinonso Ikediobi told their captors their modus operandi and how they use women’s private parts to accelerate the potency of their charms for money.

In their words: ‘The native doctor who prepared the charm told us to use a handkerchief or a piece of towel to collect semen from the private part of every lady we made love to. He instructed us to put the handkerchief with the semen or towel in the pot and burn it after each time we collect it.

He told us that the number of females we sleep with and collect their semen will determine the value of our money we will get.”

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When they were asked to disclose the name and location of the native doctor, they said: ‘’We were seriously warned not to disclose it with anybody, that if we do that, we will die’’.

Both were tortured and later handed over to the security agencies for further investigation.


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