After setting her up with GHS10,000, she absconded with the money to marry her boyfriend – Troubled man shares

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A man has shared his plight with social media users after he was left dissatisfied by a lady he helped set up a Mobile Money shop.

According to the man, the lady she set up the MOMO business for married another man with the money from the business.

The Accra-based guy described his anguish on the Jodel app, saying he went to his birthplace to see this girl living in poverty with no employment or skills.

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Touched by the girl’s circumstances, she considered starting a Mobile Money company for her.

On his return to Accra, he borrowed money from his mother to start a company for the girl he knew as a cool girl.

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He purchased merchant SIM cards, two mobile phones, a momo vendor structure, and GH10,000 cedis to get the girl up and running.

The firm generated GH13,000 cedis in the first month, and the guy took just GH400 and requested her to take the rest.

The guy never heard from the girl again, and to make matters worse, she stopped returning his calls.

The girl effectively halted the business due to a lack of finances and informed the guy’s mother that she had misappropriated the funds without specifying how she had done so.

According to the Accra-based man, he instructed his brother to keep an eye on the girl, only to discover that she took the money from her business and her earnings to marry her partner.

Apparently, she became pregnant for her unemployed lover and chose to marry him with the proceeds from her business.

Read his full narration below;

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