Again?? Kwame Borga blasts Delay for interviewing ‘attention seeking’ Pamela Watara – (+ Hot Video)

Per the happenings in the past years, Ghana is nothing but a non-serious country whose citizens prioritise folly over everything. No wonder Patapaa has become the talk of Ghana with his senseless antics called music.

Perhaps reason why uncountable number of beautiful Ghanaian ladies who parade themselves as slay queens have taken over our media space. As a result of the error, the very few critical thinking Ghanaians always get furious when they see imbecilities in the media space.

So, it’s not surprising that Kwame Borga, a sensational and outspoken Kumawood actor,  has lashed out at Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay who happens to be the host of the popular Delay Show for giving a listening ear to Pamela Odame Watara, the Ghanaian lady with the biggest b00bs.

Kwame Borga
Kwame Borga, an actor

In the voice of Kwame Borga in a viral footage has sighted, the actor noted that Delay’s platform is huge, therefore, she should interview those who’re doing something positive to give birth to a better Ghana and not attention seeking peeps well as charlatans like Pamela Odame Watara.

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It’s worth knowing that this is not the first time Kwame Borga has had a bone of contention with the television personality. Remember Kwame not long ago was prevented by Delay for making appearance at the popular celebrity talk show – The Delay Show – for obvious reasons.

Watch Kwame Borga chastising Delay from all angles in the footage below:



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